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What does Timken load mean?

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Timken OK Load - Glossary of Terms - Glossary of LubricationTimken OK Load - measure of the extreme-pressure properties of a lubricating oil which consists of a stationary block pushed upward, by means of a lever arm 

Timken OK Load - 2 definitions - EncycloTimken OK Load is a standardized measurement that indicates the possible performance of extreme pressure additives (EP Additives) in a lubricating grease or oil Timken OK load test. What is it? | Bob Is The Oil GuyApr 11, 2006 — I purchased some Maxtron synthetic blend #2 grease for my tractor backhoe/loader. It has a Timken OK load of 70 lb. What does that mean?

WHY TIMKEN OK LOAD RATINGS SHOULD NOT BE AJul 17, 2019 — So what does it mean when one lubricant has a 35-pound Timken OK Load rating and another has a 100-pound Timken OK Load rating?

Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating GreaseMay 10, 2003 — carrying capacity of lubricating greases by means of the. Timken Extreme 6.1 Timken Extreme Pressure Tester, described in detail in. Annex A1 and end of the load-lever arm; do not include the mass (weight) of the pan Timken OK Load Tester | Ducom Instruments - The TribologyThe Timken O.K. Load Tester is a lubricant oil/grease testing instrument based on the machine produced by the Timken Company from 1935 to 1972, which 

80 lb TIMKEN OK LOAD 2% WATER WASHOUT SUPERIORROYAL 876's industry high 80lb Timken OK Load provides the extreme sults in the industry range from 24% higher, meaning more wear is allowed on vital Timken Adds Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease to U.S.Aug 24, 2004 — The rating for Timken automotive wheel bearing grease is 55 pounds and that means superior load-carrying capability." Timken automotive 

One Grease to Rule Them All - Royal Oil CoJul 10, 2014 — These four are: Timken OK Load,D-2265 Maximum Operating Temperature, 4-Ball Wear Test, and Water Washout. So what do these tests mean Definition & Meaning Timken OK Load - Dictionary.universityWhat does Timken OK Load mean? Here you find 3 meanings of the word Timken OK Load. You can also add a definition of Timken OK Load yourself 

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