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Who makes duralast wheel bearing?

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AUTOZONE Duralast Hub Lasted 30 days beyond the warantyOh and the NAPA bearing was made by SKF in Mexico, which I believe is the OE supplier on that part to GM. spitfirebill UltraDork 9/28/12 9:25 

Duralast wheel bearings, any good? - Honda-Tech - HondaJan 24, 2012 — timken does make good bearings. these bearings are sealed bearings u dont "pack" them with grease just if installing them yourself put grease Front Wheel bearings: are some better than others? - MJ TechThe Autozone Duralast ones are made by Timken, and I believe (but not positive) the Duralast Gold ones are the exact same as Timknen's own

Wheel bearings. Duralast or Timkin any goodApr 11, 2014 — Closest auto parts store is Auto Zone. They only have Duralast or Timken wheel bearings. I notice the Duralast bearings are much cheaper. Has 

Duralast or Timken Wheel Bearing? | Chevy Colorado & GMCOct 19, 2013 — Shop said I need a new speed sensor and a new wheel bearing for I'm looking the wheel bearings available through Autozone and see there's a Duralast for I have had very good luck with their parts and quick deliveryWheel Bearings - OEM vs Duralast vs Timken | BMW E46Oct 25, 2010 — I don't have a new OEM bearing to review, but what can you really say? They are OEM and quality. Below is one of my used OEM wheel bearings 

No More Timkin at Autozone | IH8MUD ForumI always bought wheel bearings and seals from the Zone because they had I've also had very good luck with parts from NAPA (brake calipers, rotors). National brand bearings don't last all that long and duralast doesn't Duralast Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly DL519188HDEliminate noise with reliable, quality assemblies made from heat-treated steel with lubricated, maintenance-free bearings

Autozone wheel bearingsare they good? | Team IntegraJun 14, 2010 — I didnt know Autozone made wheel bearingshuh If its timkin they make good quality items but I've never had a problem with duralast parts, Autozone/Duralast wheel bearing = Timken? Dec 31, 2014 — It will not be going into anything I own. I've had bad experiences with stuff made in India. Their quality control just isn't good enough

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